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Palazzo Kitchens

  • Years of continuous IT issues

  • Poor onsite support

  • Upgrade their existing telephony solution

  • We took over their IT support and resolve issues in a timely manner

  • Provided a new 3CX telephony system


“After years of constant issues with our IT system and poor onsite service, it was a breath of fresh air when Cloud Cover IT came along to help us out. We found the transition to be very effortless and any issues that arose got dealt with in a very quick and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Cloud Cover IT, as we have found them to be true to their word and always go that step further to help out.“

Pino Palazzo, Managing Director



Established in 1986, Palazzo is a family-run business that has earned a respected reputationPalazzo Logo 26.06.17 Cropped.png as designers, suppliers and fitters of exquisite kitchens and bathrooms. They manage every project from initial consultation through to final fitting.


Having robust and reliable IT systems are hugely important to this business. When the systems go down, orders and projects get delayed.


The Challenge


For years they had experienced an exasperating amount of downtime with their IT system. Although they had a support provider in place, each time it was taking too long to get back up and running. Also, the same issues kept occuring so nothing was being permanently resolved.


With telephony evolving rapidly after the introduction of VoIP they decided to upgrade their exisiting solution so they could take advantage of great features while reducing their telephony costs.


The Solution


We have put a Service Level Agreement in place with Palazzo so they know how their IT requests will be dealt with and in what timeframe. We are careful to clearly communicate how we are going to resolve each issue and how long it will take us, as well as if we think that a small amount of investment might stop the issue from happening again.


We approached Palazzo with the idea of installing a new 3CX telephony system to improve call handling and customer satisfaction. They assessed the new capabilities the 3CX system could give them and agreed that it would suit their business now and in the future.




We continue to provide support to resolve any issues quickly and to Palazzo's satisfaction. Their new 3CX telephony solution has provided them with a raft of new features that the business has benefitted greatly from. These solutions, in turn, enable them to keep their customers happy and their business growing.