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Cloud-Managed Firewall

For all types of companies, firewalls are a crucial component of your multilayer security approach. We regularly modify perimeter maintenance to reflect the changing threat environment that your company can encounter.

Cloud-Managed Firewall

‘Firewall’ and ‘router’ are frequently used interchangeably, however they refer to two distinct concepts. You will be familiar with the hardware in your home that connects your home network to the internet – the router. A simple firewall will typically be placed on residential routers as part of the service, but it won’t have the sophisticated features of a business-class firewall.

Firewalls should not be plug-and-play devices; after installation, Cloud Cover will keep an eye on the data to make sure traffic is being properly stopped and passed, as well as perform routine maintenance checks to make sure the device is using the most recent software.

To guarantee that the least amount of access is provided without impairing services, we will modify rules and policies as part of management as necessary. A firewall that is improperly set will still function, but it could be giving unauthorised users access to your network in the background.

In addition, logs will be regularly analysed to make sure there are no anomalies in the traffic passing through the firewall. Our specialists will ensure that any changes made to the firewall won’t have an influence on the security of your company.

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