Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is the use of technologies, processes, and policies to defend against cyber attacks on systems, networks, programmes, devices, and data.

Its goal is to limit the risk of cyber assaults and defend against unauthorised use of systems, networks, and technology.

Securing your IT system is critical to the smooth operation of your organisation. It is also critical that all business owners have a basic understanding of how to protect themselves from cyber-attacks.

Did you know that every 20 seconds, one small UK firm gets hacked? As a result, we’ve outlined some critical security solutions and approaches that will keep you safe from digital dangers.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Essentials Certification is a UK Government-backed scheme that has been designed to help organisations learn how to prevent and protect against basic cyber threats.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is critical for enterprises making the switch to the cloud. Because security threats are constantly evolving and becoming more complicated, cloud computing is no less vulnerable than an on-premises infrastructure. As a result, it’s critical to engage with a cloud provider that provides top-tier security tailored to your architecture.

Network Security

Organisations must update security systems on a regular basis, especially because hackers are continually uncovering new holes via which they might get access to unauthorised networks.

Cloud Cover can keep your company safe by using modern network security solutions.

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