Digital Transformation

Case Study

IFIC Forensics

IFIC Forensics is a market leading forensic investigation firm, comprised of highly experienced investigators and consultants committed to delivering technical excellence for clients across the full spectrum of services. Their clients trust IFIC to respond rapidly and deliver conclusive reports, robust evidence and expert testimony of the highest technical standard.

Business Challenges

  • Keeping Pace with Queries

  • Crisis Management

  • Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Solutions Provided

  • IT Support Service

  • Emerging Technology

Business Challenge

As the business expanded, IFIC found that more and more time was involved in supporting both in-house staff and developing the secure IT infrastructure. Outsourcing their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) support was required in in order to further improve security, business resilience and free up IT staff for developing their market-leading Praxis SLA case management system. IFIC needed additional support for all staff members with day-to-day ICT issues. Other issues that we addressed were data storage and improving business continuity.

Our Solution

Cloud Cover IT initially recommended a switch to virtualised servers with Microsoft Active Directory, a high performance NAS system and Office365. Cloud Cover IT took full responsibility for the on-boarding exercise, including email migration to Office365, all of which was achieved with virtually no downtime, and IFIC Forensics now have a state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery system operating with high security. Additionally, Cloud Cover IT have assisted IFIC with Azure Rights Management and Mobile device management. Azure Rights Management (Azure Information Protection) now helps to protect IFIC’S sensitive information from unauthorised access, and control how this information is used.

Rights Management uses encryption, identity, and authorisation policies to help secure their files and email. IFIC now remains in control of their data even when it is shared with other people. 


Cloud Cover IT’s solution provided resilience, scalability and improved access to both data and applications for all IFIC staff. Secure VPN technology allows mobile users to obtain access to confidential data from almost anywhere in the world without compromising the security of the system while the scalability of the cloud solution allows for rapid expansion or alteration as business needs change. Cloud Cover’s virtualised servers ensured that IFIC had the highest possible security and resilience on end-to-end TLS protected business-critical email. This also enabled IFIC to develop a single sign-on policy across all their systems and substantially improve integration with remote workers.



Getting Cloud Cover IT on board was the best thing that could have happened to IFIC Forensics’ ICT.

Dr Barry Clark, Head of ITC, IFIC Forensics