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Keep Your Resources Safe
with Multi-Factor Authentication

 As hacking and cyber attacks grow more advanced, it is unfortunately no longer enough to rely on a password to keep your data safe.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Unfortunately, using a password alone to protect your data is no longer sufficient given how sophisticated hacking and cyber attacks have become.

Adding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to your organization’s resources is a simple approach to increase resource security. When MFA is implemented, a second step—typing in a code you received through text or via an authenticator app—will be added to the sign-in procedure.

The Benefits of MFA

Increased Security

Reduce the risk of security breaches caused by easy to use or rarely updated passwords and be assured that only verified users are accessing data.

Variety of Options

Employees can choose between receiving one time codes via text message, using an authenticator app, voice calls, or fingerprints as their authentication method.

Meet Best Practice

With MFA in place, your organisation can be assured that it is following the recommended best practice from cyber security experts.

Easy to Use

Once the MFA has been implemented, it is very user-friendly for all employees, regardless of technical ability or knowledge.

Improved Compliance

MFA is increasingly becoming a requirement within certain industries that organisations must comply with.

Microsoft Approved

Use the Microsoft Authenticator app to login securely to your Microsoft accounts, including Outlook.

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