Network Security

Cloud Cover can keep your company safe by using modern network security solutions.

Why does Network Security matter?

Today’s organisations and enterprises must recognise the significance of network security. A compromise in network security can cause irreparable harm, which is why businesses must be trained and equipped with the necessary tools to prevent cyberattacks.

Organisations must update security systems on a regular basis, especially because hackers are continually uncovering new holes via which they might get access to unauthorised networks. Cloud Cover can keep your company safe by using modern network security solutions.

Network Security Solutions


Cloud-Managed Firewall

Cloud-Managed Firewalls are software-based, cloud-deployed network devices designed to prevent or limit unauthorised access to private networks. They are a new technology that is created for modern business needs and may be found in web application environments.

Managed Anti-Malware

Our Managed antivirus aids in the removal of both known and new viruses from workstations/laptops and servers.

With new threats emerging every day, businesses must protect themselves by implementing preventative measures to ensure rock-solid malware security.


Email Security

Email, as the most widely used communication medium among cyber attackers and criminals, is frequently used to propagate malware and viruses, steal sensitive data, launch ransomware and phishing assaults, and trick users into disclosing confidential information.

Email security solutions are created to guard against the ever-changing spectrum of email-borne attack vectors.

Cyber Security

Disaster Recovery

For any organisation leveraging Microsoft 365 within their technology stack, Cloud Cover IT recommends implementing an effective solution to back up your Microsoft 365 data.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 eliminates the risk of losing access and control over your data including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Benefits of Network Security

Keep your Data Safe

High-quality network security will keep your data safe.

Prevent Downtime

Prevent costly downtime or missed opportunities caused by data loss or breaches.

Avoid Reputational Damage

Maintain your credibility and avoid the reputational damage that a network security breach might cause.

Avoid Substancial Fines

Maintain financial stability while avoiding substantial fines for data loss under GDPR requirements.

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